Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The Child Finder by Rene Denfeld

Naomi's earliest memory is of herself as a ten-year-old running naked in
a strawberry field. She runs towards migrant workers who take her to a sheriff.

Twenty years later, Naomi is a thirty-year-old private investigator trying
to find a child who has disappeared while out on a family trip. Naomi has 
become a private investigator to atone, as she puts it, to "atone" for her past. 

The child she seeks to save, however, has been lost for three years in a remote
part of Willamette Valley. There's no evidence to suggest that the child is alive. 
The case is inactive and its assumed she has perished in the snow. 

Naomi learns from each case and this case gives her most valuable insight yet.
Glimmers of the past return as she finds the living conditions of the girl, a cave 
in a remote claim.

Denfeld, a former private investigator, writes a taut, psychological mystery 
with details that ring true.   

A harrowing work of psychological fiction set in Oregon's Willamette Valley where
fur trapping is still commonplace in remote towns. In one such town, a mysterious
figure lives in obscurity. Years ago, he had been kidnapped and tortured by 
someone he calls simply "The Man."

Could this be mysterious figure be tied to the missing girl?

As Naomi reaches out to her foster bother, some of her lost memories return. 
After solving the case of the missing girl, called the "Snow Girl," Naomi vows to 
solve a more personal missing person case. 

The Butterfly Girl is the second novel in the Naomi Cottle series. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Rockwall Economic Development Corporation

The Rockwall Economic Development Corporation's job fair is coming up September 20th.

Visit this link for more information, https://rockwalledc.com/job-fair/job-seeker/

Lake Pointe's Job Connection provides free career workshops. 

Rockwall County Library offers two free career classes:
  • Making Your Resume Speak Louder, 10/22 and 10/24, 6:30-8PM. 
  • Effective Interviewing, 12/10 and 12/12, 6:30-8PM. 
Registration required. Call 972-204-7700 or stop by the Reference desk. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The VanApfel Girls Are Gone by Felicity McClean

This debut by Australian author, Felicity McClean, is a tantalizing page-turner. This exciting novel is a mystery and coming-of-age story in one. Tikka remembers her childhood--she grew up in a small Australian river valley.

One incident irrevocably changed the Tikka's life: the summer of 1992. Her neighbors, Corrie, Hannah, and Ruth, disappeared one fateful day. The police assume its a missing case but Tikka and her sister are withholding information. Tikka knows that the Van Apfel girls were planning to runaway, a fact she kept from police. Years later, as an adult, she wonders if she made the right choice.

She dwells on the Apfel girls' disappearance to the point where it begins to affect her mental health. As Corrie's memory consumes Tikka, she begins to see Corrie everywhere, or at least people who that look like Corrie.

McLean has a delightful sardonic wit. She frames the story with the Lindy Chamberlain case, a woman whose baby girl disappears while on a camping trip.

Tikka stages a skit based on the case for a school event on the same evening they disappear. Just as it had in the Chamberlain case, the Van Apfel case causes many tongues to wag. Characters jump to conclusions about a male teacher.

Many novels focus on missing girls. Julia Phillips' Disappearing Earth focuses on how a Siberian community reacts to the disappearance of two of their own. 

Though it addresses the self-help industry and single motherhood,  Jaclyn Moriarty Gravity Is The Thing, is also about missing persons. 

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Wellness month

August is Wellness Month. Whether its your eating habits or your emotional well-being that needs improvement, these books can help. 

Beider, Rachel. Massage for Beginners.

Bullmore, Edward. The Inflamed Mind. 

Doto, Bob. Acupressure for Beginners

Hajeski, Nancy J. Nature's Best Remedies.

London, Jaclyn. Dressing on the Side (and other myths debunked).

Rees, Anuschka. Beyond Beautiful.

Ritchel, Matt. Elegant Defense: the Extraordinary New Science of the Immune System. 

Roizen, Michael F. What to Eat When. 

Quinn, Bob. Grain by Grain.

Microsoft and Career Classes Starting Soon!

Monday, July 29, 2019

Biloxi: a Novel by Mary Miller

Louis McDonald, Jr always assumed he would inherit his father's estate after he retired. He didn't count on his wife leaving him and his Dad leaving the bulk of his estate to her. 

Though he is, at times, an unlikeable character who drinks too much, Louis can also make amusing, wry observations.

His life goes in an unexpected direction when Layla, an overweight mixed-breed dog, and her wacky owner, Sasha, comes into life.

Louis' plight will appeal to anyone whose life didn't turn out the way they expected.

His life is peppered with a myriad of inconveniences. For instance, there is a bird that keeps hitting his window each morning. Even though his wife left him, his brother-in-law keeps visiting with left-overs. He is diabetic but can't remember to manage his sugar levels. 

Louis is an endearing curmudgeon who has a hard time finding the right things to say to people. The only one who seems to accept his failures are Layla, the dog who has entered his life by coincidence.  

While there's not much action, there's a lot of reflection and humor in this novel.

Friday, July 19, 2019

2019 Texas Lariat Reading List

Outstanding fiction for adults are rounded up in the 2019 Lariat Reading List.

  • Turton, Stuart. The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn HardcastleF, LP
  • Vaughan, Sarah. Anatomy of a Scandal. F, eBook
  • Sullivan, Mark. Beneath a Scarlet Sky. F, LP
  • St. James, Simone. The Broken Girls. F, eBook
  • LaValle, Victor. The Changeling. F, eBook
  • Finley, Jeremy. Darkest Time of Night. F
  • Pearce, AJ. Dear Mrs. Bird. LP, eBook
  • Bennett, Robert Jackson. Foundryside. F
  • Emezi, Akwaeke. Freshwater. F
  • Urrea, Luis Alberto. The House of Broken Angels. F
  • Haig, Matt. How to Stop Time. F, LP, eBook, eAudio
  • Benjamin, Chloe. The Immortalists. F, LP, eBook, Spanish
  • Boyd, Natasha. The Indigo Girl. F, LP.
  • Sager, Riley. The Last Time I Lied. F, LP, eBook
  • Greer, Andrew. Less: A Novel. F, eBook, eAudio.
  • Cleveland, Karen. Need to Know. F, LP, eBook.
  • Burke, Sue. Semiosis. F
  • Ward, Jesmyn. Sing Unburied Sing. F, eBook, eAudio.
  • David, John. Star of the North. F
  • Orange, Tommy. There There: A Novel. F, eBook, eAudio.
  • Roanhorse, Rebecca. Trail of Lightning. F, eBook.
  • Owens, Delia. Where the Crawdads Sing. F, LP, eBook, eAudio.

F = fiction
LP = large print
eBook = digital book
eAudio = digital audiobook
Spanish = Spanish language


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